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"We are budgeted for 6, we have 13. I am one person and I am exhausted caring for and raising money for that many extra horses."


Where are your board of directors at? Why can't they help you list horses and advertise your rescue? What do they help you do?

I saw where you made a PDF file to email someone who posted they would help you out on the ABR thread....I would think it took as much time to get all the info together for them as it would have been to place some ad's. I used to carry a herd of around 30 all the time and kept my web site up to date consistently plus list on 3 of the larger sale sites.

I also did this all on my own dime without any volunteers, donations, husband's help or anything else. I still had a family life and got a little bit of sleep....of course I wasn't a "rescue".....maybe adding that word makes things more difficult?
Good for you,you must be superwoman,that was pretty mean,if you add in the extra chores from winter and riding and training I am pretty sure 13 is an all day job with little or no time for anything else,I know I have 14 and dont have time for anything else in the winter unless something is let go,its impossible to ride,train take care of boarders and of your own horses PROPERLY Unless you spend all day there,so stop picking on her.

No, I'm not super woman nor have I ever claimed to be. I just know how to manage and budget my time. We have winter here in Illinois too if you didn't realize that smiley: laugh

My biggest problem with this whole deal is that Laurie has spent the last 4 years building herself up and putting down several other rescues for the same things that are happening to her.

I haven't seen any big fundraisers out of Ponytails that require full time attention from 4 board members. I'm pretty sure Bea could pull herself off of some of the Barbaro/Alex worship threads for 20 minutes to place a few ad's.

Several people told her it was a bad move to go to Waymart, that proved true. I don't know why she would try to start yet another business adventure where she took on more than she could chew. Apparently Waymart isn't that bad of a place if the horse in her avatar was left there because "they like her" while others had to be "rescued" from there?

The claims of being to busy to do anything other than care for horses is BS. There has been plenty of time to start threads on ABR such as "Professional Rescues" (go read that one if you can find it....it's a hoot)....and there has always been plenty of time for joking around....but not time to actually promote the rescue?

And I really have to chuckle at the people who come on here and ABR saying that Laurie's being picked on unfairly....because if they had half a brain they would know some of the wicked evil things Laurie has done herself to other rescues and normally doesn't even have the balls to do it under her own ID smiley: wink I'd call it Karma....

Since you do not live in Honesdale PA, you really don't know what fundraisers are going on or being planned at the monent, but there are quite a few and they are taking up time. Neither Bea, nor Susan had enough computer savvy to know how to place an ad online.

Yup Waymart was a bad move, I made a mistake.....holy crap a mistake!!! Wow nobody else ever makes those.

Not sure where anyone is getting that my new barn is more than I can chew. My new barn is just fine and the only reason that these rescue horses have food in their stomachs right now. I'm not quite sure how many times I need to reitterate the problem is we are budgeted for and comfortable with 6 rescues and we have 13.....that's 7 too many.

I said it before but will say it again, I never said I "rescued" the horses from Waymart, infact I said I did NOT rescue the horses from Waymart. Some of the horses I was obligated to take due to agreement with their owners, and some Waymart did not want, even though they are the ones who wanted to obtain them in the first place....should I have left them there anywhere, hell I could have just dropped them off at a sale or listed them for free on Craigs List, but instead I chose to protect them.....shame on me.

Your last comment? When did I do wicked evil things to other people under an assumed name? The only time I ever posted under an assumed name I made it perfectly clear that it was me, and I wasn't out doing wicked evil things to anyone. I was against Tee from Lifelines, Mary from HMER, Sharon from NJ Hell Angels, Mary Geebus from Missouri livestocl, and Deb from Mustang Hearts.

Lastly I have things going on in my personal life right now that also require my time, and are also the reason for the much needed downsize, unlike others I keep my personal life personal and don't use it to garner support and sympathy.